For the exercise of their judicial functions, bailiff fees are fixed, as determined by a government regulation; they cannot be negotiated and, therefore, apply to all.

In other cases, fees are determined based on the costs of the bailiffs’ professional services. This is a proposed rate. In other words, every bailiff is free to negotiate his extrajudicial fees with clients, prior to making a service agreement.


Because we firmly believe that every problem comes with a solution, we offer a complete range of services.  Whether you are a lawyer, a municipal or provincial court, an institution (school board, ministry, financial institution or municipality) or an individual (owner, spouse or parent), our goal is to provide you with efficient, fast and creative services.


Because we know that each case is unique and that every client deserves our deepest respect and devoted attention, we pride ourselves on offering customized solutions and first class services.

If you need an accessible ally with excellent listening skills, PMB is the place for you.  Within 24 to 48 hours, your case will be handled and processed. You will be able to track your file by having access to multiple internal and external resources, reassuring you that you’re on track to assert your rights.