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Evil or necessary tool?

It goes without saying that it is not because the profession of bailiff is one of the oldest of our modern world that all of its methods, approaches and philosophy are anchored in the past. On the contrary, we have to constantly adapt to present-day realities to offer adequate services that allow us to satisfy your needs while respecting the moral values of our society.

In other words, a seizure or an eviction does not mean that we throw families and furniture on the curb, no more than a report is synonymous with paparazzi in the bushes taking pictures of people’s private lives. We are not barbarians; we are a necessary element in upholding the respect and smooth running of our judicial system.

That is precisely why PMB’s role is to represent you in asserting your rights while never losing sight of the following three principals:  Impartiality, efficiency and humanity!


Serving a document—following an individual, a business or an organisation’s request—aims to obtain proof that the document has been hand delivered to the addressee.  When the bailiff hands over the document within the formality of the law, it is in fact respected and recognized by the courts.

  • Petition for divorce
  • Recourse for custody of a child and/or child support
  • Letter of formal notice or request of all kinds
  • Mandate in case of incapacity of a family member:  parents and siblings
  • Request to the Regie du logement
  • Subpoena to testify
  • Court order
  • Notice of seizure


As several of us have been able to witness, a judicial decision does not inevitably mean immediate repair. In other words, it sometimes becomes necessary to resort to bailiffs’ services to enforce the court’s decision, as it is true for:

  • Debt collection
    • Money
    • Goods and movables
    • Real estate
    • Intellectual property
  • Eviction or handed ownership
    • Apartment
    • House
    • Commercial space
  • Voluntary delivery of goods
    • Loan
    • Unpaid goods
    • Estate separation between former spouses
    • Inheritance
  • Seizure
    • Goods
    • Salary
    • Bank accounts
    • Amounts held by a third party
  • Sale under control of justice
    • Following judgment or court mandate
  • Public auction


The report is an ample description of an event, a situation or a specific place—supported by notes, pictures and pertinent proof—to provide a just, accurate and realistic account that could be used for the following:

  • Recovery of goods
  • Obtaining insurance coverage
  • Estate separation between former spouses
  •  Listing the goods and belongings of a person or company
  • Informing the Court of a specific situation and/or facts
  • Evaluation of movables
  • Evaluation/estimation of an inventory
  • Recovering secured debt
  • Coordinating and managing a sale/liquidation of assets


Helping you find people or companies that:

  • Have left a rented space without paying their dues
  • Have moved without a forwarding address
  • Have provided a false address in order to obtain credit
  • Have attempted to flee their monetary obligations

Issue and production of Court documents

  • Filling of court documents
  • Production of procedures, obtaining documents and signatures from the office of the court
  • Appointments of different kinds with the court clerk