Paradis Montpetit Beauchamp

Impartiality. Efficiency. Humanity

For almost three decades and thanks to its team of professionals—bailiffs, legal technicians and experienced collaborators—, PMB has distinguished itself by its ability to work with you, handling your cases properly, and remaining determined and attentive to detail, as well as demonstrating mastery of legal and paralegal aspects when it comes to representing your best interests and satisfying all of your legal needs.

By entrusting us with your case management—serving documents, executing judgments, upholding mandates, screening, providing credit and leasing reports, and registering and filing court documents—at PMB, you can rest assured that your case, as well as your interests, will not be taken lightly and that we will use all legal means and technological resources at our disposal to provide you with fast, effective and professional service.

Calling on PMB means ensuring impartial, effective and human services.